Another Reason He's Losing Support
Published on March 10, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Republican
Here is an article on insider trading done to get Bush some of his money. Hope you enjoy the read:

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on Mar 14, 2004
I definitely enjoyed the read! Thank you for posting it!
on Mar 14, 2004
Who cares? Nobody cared when Kerry was getting money from a Communist general.
on Mar 15, 2004
Who cares? Nobody cared when Kerry was getting money from a Communist general.


How can you not care? You make it seem like a simple contest as to who has more to be ashamed of, and as long as your guy is less shameful, no cause to worry.

For America's sake I'd like to see one of the major parties run a quality man (or woman) who has nothing to be ashamed of.

on Mar 15, 2004
From a top Dem.

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2004 1:23 p.m. EST
Ed Koch 'Disgusted With Al Gore'

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch said Tuesday that a speech last week by former vice president Al Gore accusing President Bush of "betraying" America left him "disgusted."

"I happened to have seen [the speech] on television," Koch told radio host Sean Hannity during a broadcast from Palisades, N.J., where Hannity was promoting his just-released book, "Deliver Us From Evil."

"I was disgusted with Al Gore," Koch told Hannity.

"I supported Al Gore in the last election," he explained, before adding that now "I would never vote for him for anything, including dog catcher."

Gotham's one-time top Democrat announced last year that he intended to support President Bush, primarily because he approves of the way Bush has handled the war on terrorism.

His support for Bush prompted Hannity to ask if Koch would consider addressing the GOP's New York City convention this September.

Koch said he'd be happy to address the convention, but only if he was allowed to point out his differences with Bush on domestic issues.

The ex-mayor's comments about Gore were greeted with wild applause by Hannity's live audience.

on Mar 15, 2004
All politicians have something to be ashamed of. THEY'RE POLITICIANS!
on Mar 16, 2004
Thanks for all the replies. I have no idea what 'loumud' is talking about, sorry. I think you may have wanted to respond to another blof and mixed it up with this one. No problem as it's all good.
capt775: Agreed. As a kid I attended a school assembly and listened to a politician talk about why we should support her for re-election. I left the hall thoroughly bewildered and decided to ask myparents to explain at dinner. I told them that everyone was very happy with her and applauded all her answers. Yet I could not understand it as she seemed to answer each question by giving support for both sides of athe issue. She would support it then oppose it in one answer, but I felt like I must be a dolt to not applaud as everyone else did. They laughed and told me that I was now able to understand what a politician was, and it was the rest of the classmates who were dolts not me. I have always been the type of person who doesn't allow himslef to be influenced by 'popular' views or styles. I bet you are somewhat the same to realize such a truth and state it so simply.

DonBemont: I agree with you too. This election is between frat brother A and frat brother B. Together, they are one side of the same coin of the realm. It is going to be hard for Republicrats to decide which Republicrat they want to abuse and lie to them this time.

WiseFawn: As always i know I have back-up on my blogging with you around. On a depressing day or one in which I am assailed, I can look forward to your posts to pull me up again. We've been through the war here together and it is good to have allies.

Bush's insider trading is another aspect of his character we won't be told of much by the 'controlled-media'. It is indicative of a much more severe problem of the Bush family as a whole I am beginning to think. It's an arrogance of un-accountability and makes me turn away from any party that affiliates with such dirt.