Intriguing dis-info and WHY
Published on April 23, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
I've said before that I think there is a move afoot to have President Bush lose the election, and this is a decision made above him. There are several reasons for this and this, the most recent, is not put up because I take it seriously, but because I have seen this type of thing done many times, to me as well as others. It has to do with implying a person is not rational or sane; a well known technique to dis-information agents.

There is an article that holds forth that the President has had a "minor seizure' and is not able to communicate or understand things properly anymore. I do not want it believed just because it was said, but also DO want to know why this was said, who said it (I'm betting a non-Christian, which indicates who it is) and if it has any legs.

NOTE when reading it:
The site is biased against Bush, strike one;
The article makes insinuation, not holding forth substantiation, strike two;
Bush is about as un-intelligible as I've seen a President in my life, true.

I am wondering if there is any substance to the article and if we have something developing outside of the normal propoganda making that goes on all the time. Please read the article and I hope anyone having anything to provide in leads on this will provide it to me. Where do I find valid medical reports on this President, and how recent are they, I'm wondering.

Thanks for any help in finding out the substance of this. I will post any refutation I find to dis-credit this if it shown to be false.

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on Apr 23, 2004
I read the article. There is no way for me to tell if it is real or not. As for the move to have Bush lose the election, I haven't seen that, either. Are there other sites that say the same thing?
on Apr 23, 2004
Hmm, unless there was a concomitant ischemic or hemorrhagic attack (aka a stroke) that went along with the "minor seizure" this is absolutely no reason it would cause any sort of difficulty with expressing or understanding language. And if such an even truly did occur they should have the sense to at least call it what it is, a stroke.

Faulty facts like that make it seem more than a little suspect.
on Apr 23, 2004
Sherye and BlueDey: Thanks for the replies. I think the same as you BlueDey. It sounds like hokey nonsense, done to attack his mental ability, and I resent such things being done. I only posted it as I find no pro- or con- for this statement, and do observe he is all but 'Quayle" like in his words lately. His explanation on Rice and the 'historical' document was almost laughable, if not painful to watch. I hope the best for him if it's true.
Your insight that symptoms would prove it one way or the other is noted and I'll be watching for any.
on Apr 23, 2004
yes I think the man is simply an awkward speaker all on his own. No medical condition required.
on Apr 23, 2004
Oooh ! give the man an insightful for that. How do they say it, BAM !
on Mar 01, 2005
Bush is a dumb-ass, no seizure required.