Hoaxing on the Net
Published on April 19, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
Recently a new 'doomsayer' has been peddling a text on the radio and net, "'Code Red: The Coming Destruction of America, 2004'. the author is David Booth. It seems Mr. Booth was recently on the coasttocoastam radio show and became so fuzzy and evasive in giving predicted information, he was thrown off the air by the host. Later, he appeared on the Jeff Rense program and had his air time, alluding to the 'Holy Bible' for those who wanted to know what the future held, and telling people to pray to Jesus for salvation to avoid the coming cataclysm.

Now, he has been challenged for a charge of plagiarism, by several researchers who took his book apart page by page, using google and other search tools. Oh, me oh, my, you should see how they took it apart. There is a list of cut and paste jobs he had apparently collected, failing to attribute authorship, and also writing a verbatim prophecy of another person - claiming it his - he apparently encountered and pasted from the web as well.

I can't verify the charges, as I have not done the follow ups they post, which are easily verifiable. My point is to show how careful one must be when considering posting anothers material as one's own. Be sure to post your credits and try not to attribute it where it is not due. If this is true, then Mr. booth will not only have to give back proceeds to claimant authors, there may well be what we call 'trebled' damages, for deliberate and willful actions, done with certain , legally-required intentions. This would mean he is charged 3x the damages a civil jury would award.

College kids, do yourself a favor and go read how they were able to take the book apart and find how and when it was done. We all do well to learn how effective one can find about anything on this WWW. Here is a link to the article I encountered at the Rense.com site. Feel free to comment. Blog ON. Good luck to ya David Booth, and God have mercy on you if it's true.


In fairness to Mr. Booth, this is a reply to the now numerous charges made concerning the text in question:


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