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Published on April 15, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In History
My blog site is titled: "conspiracy-history-news". I come at issues from outside the 'contfolled-media' and seek the missed thread of history to inform of what really happened. Many a time I am accused by pundits of the status quo of being this or that, no matter. I have been reading on 9/11 since 9/12 and knew there was a major play for conspiracy theorists here. While we are told it was all a harmless error, I say WRONG. there is a whole lot to this event that we can isolate in a way that has never been done in this field of research. I have always turned to the factual and indisputable evidence such as phone records and radars, passenger manifests (a particularly relevant aspect the status quo absolutely avoids like the plague). I always believed the proof will be found in the NORAD discrepancies to come out. Now the employees and observers are beginning to get at it in a meaningful way. Her is a excerpt and link to an article on this to introduce it to you:

To me the most obvious flaw in the official story of what happened
on 9/11 is: what happened to our air defences? Since 1958 NORAD
(North American Aerospace Defence Command) and later the FAA
(Federal Aviation Administration) have maintained a seamless
constant watch on everything that flies, in air or outer space, and
send jet fighters to chase any plane off course. In the year before
9/11 they chased 67 planes. Sometimes they've chased flocks of
birds which looked like planes on radar.

Yet, on 9/11, the only time in history that 4 planes were hijacked,
no jets flew until far too late, from far too far away, at far to
slow a speed. NORAD's own 9/18 press release is the "smoking gun":

It shows near the top that the jets traveled at 9 miles a minute or
mach .9 or 540 mph. Yet the F-16s involved can go 1500mph and the
F-15s involved can go 1870mph!"

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on Apr 15, 2004
they were too slow. you can hardly expect they knew the hijacked planes were going to fly into the buildings though. that was something that has never happened before.
on Apr 15, 2004
There is so much more to it than this little tid-bit though Alex. This is going to be the smoking gun that will turn history against them like the magic bullet did the JFk murder. These are irrefutable facts and tie into behaviors and other happenstances that make a picture that belies President Bush saying he saw the first plane hit the tower on tv before entering the school classroom, and that he knew nothing until after the second impact on the WTC. You see, he could not have seen the first plane hit as it wasn't on television until far later. So then why did he say this?

The reason the fighters who were requesting to go supersonic - as he(President Bush) sat and insisted on reading stories to school kids for a photo op to commericalize this fall - could not get there, was because he refused to act as our Commander-in-Chief, and authorize it.

I am glad you read the article though as it may help you get started in the study of the facts and help us as a Nation never suffer from un-learned history such as this again. This is a big story and people all over the world are all over it. In time you'll see that blaming pilots for not resoponding in time, isn't even close to the why's and how's of this crime.