CIA Director Guilty of Negligence
Published on April 15, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the 'controlled-media' seems to have not heard the facts as stated in the Commission hearings of late. I heard it revealed that on at least two occassions prior to 9/11, employees of the F.B.I. and CIA informed Director of CIA, George Tenet, that there was evidence of "imminent" terrorist attack on America. Tenet is already on record as stating there was no notice or intel provided to say an attack was imminent. When told of the evidence, Tenet then said he never, saw the evidence nor met with the President in the period from August to September.

NOW he is confronted with the evidence of the reports that employees are swearing they provided his office, and it is shown he met with the President on at least two occassions in the period from August to September. If he had the information and met with the President, then he is guilty of neglecting to inform the President of evidence of "imminent" terrorist attack on our Citizens.

First of all he is show to have lied under oath (did not meet with Bush), a criminal and punishable offense. Now he is also guilty of neglect in that at least 2 people swear he was told of this and did not inform the President.

Can I get some feedback on this? I may well be wrong or mis-understood the testimony. Listening to the pundits say nothing really happened got in my craw by the evening when I recalled this and saw no on was going to point this out.

Blog On and thanks for any info to set this straight in my mind.

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on Apr 15, 2004
Apparently someone else did catch this. Go to: for the lowdownLink

Here are a few lines from there post as it appeared on the web page of Jeff Rense:
"Tenet, director of central intelligence since 1997, testified that he had no contact at all with Bush in August, the month in which the president received a CIA report suggesting that al-Qaida terrorists were already in the United States and might be planning a domestic hijacking. "
...So it has gone to correcting it from meeting once to meeting on both August 17th and August 31st. I guess Tenet has memory problems. Or does he? Here is where things get complex to convolute truth to deny the American public justice. First, the CIA telephoning to correct Tenet's testimony does not change Tenet's testimony under oath. So he should be invited back to correct it under oath."

..."At the beginning of the administration President Bush revived the practice of meeting with the director of central intelligence almost every day in the Oval Office, meetings which I attended along with the vice president and the chief of staff. At these meetings the president received up-to-date intelligence and asked questions of his most senior intelligence officials. From Jan. 20 through Sept. 10 the president received at these daily meetings more than 40 briefing items on Al Qaeda. And 13 of those were in response to questions he or his top advisers posed. " Condi. Rice

"Thus, the reason the White House must have died when Tenet testified UNDER OATH that he did not meet with Bush in August 2001 while Bush was on vacation for an entire month while the country faced the threat of domestic terrorism."

I thought I had it right. This is grounds for dismissal to my mind. He is caught under oath lying to Congress.
follow link to verify this as I quoted it.