Lawmakers get opposition from sheriffs, voters.
Published on April 14, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
This is a follow up to the article on the Presidents' brother trying to destroy the work place, American wages, and grant privileges to ILLEGAL immigrants, which contravene and violate the federal Homeland Security Act. Seems Gov. Jeb Bush, like his Brother, is alienating the true Republicans of his Party who oppose ILLEGAL immigration, the loss of American jobs to foreigners, and use of such crimes to seek to make the Republican Party pro-ILLEGAL immigrant-Mexican and anti-American. Beyond that, I guess he is also being seen as assisting in the crimes of the ILLEGALS to the law enforcement community.
Here's a link to todays article out of Florida, " The Ledger" by Steve Bousquet :

on Apr 14, 2004
It is odd that Jeb Bush would support such a law since it paves the way for terrorists.
on Apr 15, 2004
"Terrorist" is an onbtuse term. I think it is part of the NWO plan to enslave Americans with the rest of the slave world who live under dictators, and work for slave wages at "outsourced" jobs americans once had. The plan is being mis-directed as one to attract Mexican Americans to vote for Bush and Republicans. Not true, as these new ILLEGAL drivers will not be able to vote, only work and have the means to get there.

It will set a precedent and Jeb Bush will be seen as challenging the Federal encroachment of the Homeland Security Act and Patriot Act in asserting that the right of Citizens to work trumps the law. He will win in the contrived judicial review system, and so other Governors will follow suit and pass similar laws. In AZ. there was also an attempt made but it is being derailed by the Republican voters who reacted severely to the statement that, "Outsourcing is good for America." made by a Republican incumbent. His vote base is now divided by the Conservative split from the Party and a Democrat willl now be running against the Conservative to unseat the incumbent.

The Bush play is done for the business interests and to show the commitment to them over Americans on labor and worker rights issues. What bugs me is how blatant it is in the face of Republlicans, without regard to geo-political location, and they just mouth terms of the 'controlled-media' that Mexican ILLEGAL immigrants taking American jobs is good. They need to stop and ask a simple question; Good for who?