This will ROCK you !
Published on April 8, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Misc
I don't know what to say. I'm devastated and trying to make sense of it.

Oh my God, I am reeling. Go look at the video news clip. It will change you somewhere inside.


on Apr 08, 2004
Let me start this off. I have to know if there are any still shots to corroborate this clip,nay, loop. It can be hoaxed easily. Yet there is testimony of survivor experts to boot. If it is true, we got problems with some executive orders - at least. I gots to know if this is an overlapped fraud, or it is a real paradigm shifter.

What do you think?
on Apr 08, 2004
I saw this title come up while on my blog, there is so much traffic at the video, or something that I'm having trouble seeing it. But the site alone is enough to drop your jaw! I'll be back whenever I get to see it!
on Apr 09, 2004
I got to see the video clips this morning, and I'm following the links at the site. I'd like to know too, and will be watching for more.