One of the things about 9/11 that makes me most querulous, is the fact President Bush insisted on doing NOTHING until the attacks were over. In a nation which was clearly capable of responding in time to at least stop the second plane from hitting the WTC, it was the refusal to act by the Commander-in-Chief, who's primary job and sworn duty is to the safety of our
Citizens - to authorize fighter pilots en route and requesting permission to go supersonic to stop them, which is part of the tragedy history should not forget.

I have told of this inaction and posted it here. For those who would rather see the fact for themselves, here is a link to the video of the President and his behavior WHILE the attacks were occuring. Just click link:


on Apr 08, 2004
I am dancing around the room, clicking insightful each and everytime I pass my keyboard.

Thank you Wahkonta for this informative post.

Did you also hear that, "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!"

Bush 2004
on Apr 08, 2004
Thanks. I just hit the view articles and find I got over 60 reads on each article within an hour of the Condoleezza Rice testimony this A.M. I was at number 6 on google for the excerpted version of the 'Waxman Report' I posted (now over 450,000 off it alone). The people are hungry for the information and we just have to patiently provide it.

But if eveyone keeps giving me 'insightfuls' it will put me back in the top ten and I just got off of it to withdraw from blogging. I thank you for the click and hope you'll tell a friend about the facts too.

For even more on this debacle go to: htp:// . They have got volumes of minute-by-minute facts from hundreds of sources.Link

Blog ON.
on Apr 08, 2004
Definitely an insightful article! Many are glad for your posts here!

Capt, don't you let em stop ya from dancin either!
on Apr 08, 2004
Folks quick quick --- Put this down and go to: "Video of WTC 7" post. go, right now. No, don't, turn around go click to it's news video clip.
on Apr 14, 2004
WA~I wrote a rather longish poem about the WTC not too long after everything happened. AND I read it at a poetry reading I'd been invited to be a part of, and was happily astonished to find quite a few folks were just as upset as I was~that entire tragedy COULD have been avoided. But the Higher Ups didn't wanna jeopardize their status (or paychecks) by letting the world know what was truly taking place. I am ordinarily a very brave soul. I have been speaking out about injustice in my baffling country (U.S.A.) since I was about 12 years old. But the WTC tragedy truly frightened me as no other American event ever has. It made me ashamed to say I am an American. I am even ashamed just writing the word here for you right now. But at least some of my faith was restored when I saw all of the American people creating various tributes, and helping to raise money for the families of the victims. It's a pity the President had to give his self-serving little speech at the death site though. If ever a man deserved to be haunted in his sleep...


P.S. On a much lighter note~I like how your mind works, and your writing is both thrilling and wise. Could I convince you to join us at my Friends of SPM Society, huh? Now I know you DO kind of like the man a little bit. . And there shall be a "candlelight supper" at the Society come Saturday night. Please Do come. I would very much like to add your name to our growing list of friends and supporters. MP