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February 2, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
http://www.oilempire.us/drugs.html, has a copy of this article on its web page. Feel free to comment or e-mail: wahkonta@graffiti.net Blog on.
US Government Admits - Afghan Production of Heroin is Up, Now That "We" Are In Control

U.S. : Afghan poppy production doubles
Friday, November 28, 2003 Posted: 1:34 PM EST (1834 GMT)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan doubled betwee...
January 31, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
For archive on OKC. Hanmer was on death row with McVeigh and this discusses a Kenny Trentadue AKA Guthrie, or suspect #2.
Does one man on death row hold the secret of Oklahoma?
One of the most notorious criminals in the US, David Hammer was imprisoned alongside Timothy McVeigh. As he faces execution, his memoirs will only fuel the whispers of conspiracy around the 1995 bombing. Andrew Gumbel reports
29 January 2004

If he had only his own tale to tell, the story of David ...
January 29, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
Some information on just what a conspiracy view of history is. Feel free to comment or e-mail: wahkonta@graffiti.net Blog ON.
Definition of Conspiratorial History
With thanks to Ralph Epperson, author of The Unseen Hand, An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History.

Two Views of History
There are two fundamental ways to view history: We call one the catastrophic or accidental view of history, the other we call the conspiratorial view of history.

Accidental Hi...
January 26, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
A niceley worded commentary on the effects of "Empire", on america and the world at large. feel free to comment or e-mail: wahkonta@graffiti.net Blog On.
By Chalmers Johnson
Chalmers Johnson is the president of the Japan Policy Research Institute in California and author of Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire. This essay is an excerpt from his forthcoming book The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic (New York: Metropolitan ...
January 26, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
Given the recent events in Central America, America is once again being singled out as the cause of civil unrest in other Nations. Now that the President of Venezuela is re-installed, and after a massive united opposition to the U.S. Puppet they threw out to do so, let's do some historical review.

"Operation Siberia" links the CIA to Colombian narcos
01/20/2004 10:59
Peru's former powerfull spy, Vladimiro Lenin Montesinos, is accussed of planning a gunrunning operation to...
January 26, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
This is a significant issue for Americans to be aware of, and more than coincidence. This Skull& Bones Fraternity of Yale is one having a long and insidious history. My own research into the origins of the Revolutionary War of 1776 eventually leads to this group, first formed in 1832 (officially) and which has had some of the most infamous political leaders in this Nations history. President Taft was a founding member, and we now know Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, and George B...
January 25, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
This goes with my information on the Scythian thesis. Along with the findings on origin of language, it goes further to proving the correctness of my hypothesis, then thesis, now reaching level of theory. The article is exactly wrong due to the race bias of the Author. However, the factual findings are a perfect fit for my own ideas on the subject. I put it up for anyone interested in such material and for'jon' who inquired on it some time ago by e-mail. feel free to comment or e-mail: wahkont...
January 25, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
More on 9/11.
Whistleblower Coming In Cold From the F.B.I.
by Gail Sheehy

Sibel Edmonds says she was shocked at the lack of security in the F.B.I.’s counterintelligence squad when she went to work there shortly after Sept. 11. But when she spoke up, she was canned. Gail Sheehy tells her story.


Last Friday, the four women from New Jersey who have faced down the F.B.I. on its failures in...
January 25, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
For the archive as to Bush family. Must re-check sources before approving.
Mary Williamson Averell Harriman (1852-1932) received the Pugsley Gold Medal in 1929 âfor her services in the establishment of the Palisades Interstate Park.â Even before her birth, it appeared that fate intended for Mary Averell to meet and marry Edward Henry Harriman. Their union was not only a private success in terms of love and devotion, it also proved to be an unmitigated success for the unlikely ...
January 25, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
For the archive. Grugyn did a lot ow work on these families and the heraldry is of use to adding to his work here.



For detailed information on any subject related to Jewish heraldry,

please visit the Jewish College of Arms Homepage

Jewish Heraldry Introduction
Jews in Europe used heraldry, like everyone else. Indeed, it is a striking counter-example to the misconception that heraldry was ever th...
January 25, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
An intriguing account of how the WTC could be made to fall so pancaked.
CAVEAT LECTOR. feel free to comment or e-mail: wahkonta@graffiti.net. Blog On
Charges Placed In WTC Towers When Built?
By Robert L. Parish Sr.


The downing of the Twin Towers and other buildings of the complex where
done by (Planned Implosions).

I was working at Kirkwood Commutator in Cleveland, Ohio from 1974 to
January 24, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
Concerning the Federal Income Tax. Remeber 'caveat lector' and don't go refusing to pay taxes until you know your rights and how to go about claiming your legal exemption on this. I also have an in-depth blog on this topic as done by Bill Cooper in my archive. Feel free to comment. Blog On.

WARREN S. RICHARDSON, J.D. Attorney at Law

May 5, 2000
January 23, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
Court Denies Access To
Firefighter's 911 WTC Opinions
From John Kaminski
From Sallie

Subject: Court's decision denying access to firefighters' opinions & recommendations - only their expressions of feelings can be released !

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004


Alex Jones www.infowars.com now on radio is playing clips of Silverstein owner of WTC while on TV with WT7, said "Pull the building" which means bring it down, and even said there would be a ...
January 23, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
This is put up as it relates to my Scythian thesis. Previously someone (jon) replied to a blog on this I put up so i am posting this in forum as well. It links into my thesis very well, as I hold a link to Hittites in Scythia also. this thing has really come together in some significant areas since I first hypothesized it. Wow this is another big piece of the puzzle now in place.
Subject: NZ study cracks origin of English language

Modern researchers are finally coming t...
January 23, 2004 by Wahkonta Anathema
Another one for the archive. This one as to Kissinger.
Henry Kissinger, a Jewish refugee from Germany, rose to become a powerful Secretary of State. Kissinger rose to power by interrogating members of the Nazi SS after World War II to determine who should be prosecuted. On the other hand, via the Central Intelligence Agency, he was instrumental in bringing Nazi scientists who conducted human experiments to America under “Operation Paperclip”. In a January 1961 closed door Con...