This one's got legs I bet
Published on March 10, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
Years ago I did some digging and found a group of former South African police working as mercenaries in Africa under a company out of a Scandanavian Nation. The group was called "Executive Outcomes". They used the passing of anti-poaching laws to finance dictator payment plans for their bloody work.

Now we have a United States plane downed in Zimbabwe, having mercenaries and gear aboard. The[U.S.] government denies it saying, "It is not a US government or a US commercial aircraft as far as we know. I understand that at one point back in the 1970's someone may have owned it in the US but it hasn't been a US aircraft since the early 80's,".

Sounds like a pretty lame 'not-even-close-to-a-denial' to me. I have posted a click to an article on this event and hope anyone who finds new developments to please post them for me. I see books in the future of this and a big, big, scandal when the machine goes to the rinse cycle.
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on Mar 10, 2004
ADENDUM to post:
Holy Sh--! It is Executive Outcomes exactly as I figured. Here is another article on the matter which shows I guessed rightly.

Folks this is a very bad and murderous group of racists and this plane is a tie to our Country. Yeah, this one's got legs. Stay tuned as I'll be putting up links for this as it develops.
on Mar 10, 2004
And here is another article or two on it:

"The aircraft’s registration number is assigned to an American company, Dodson Aviation Inc, helping to fan conspiracy theories of the alleged mercenary plot. Mr Mugabe has accused Britain and the United States of plotting his downfall. US officials strenuously denied any involvement and Dodson said that it had sold the aircraft to the South African company just a week ago, not long enough to re-register ownership."

This is a news story which will get big in the circles of the informed, so stay tuned.
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