On Militia and Our Borders
Published on March 7, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
In keeping with being on the cutting edge of events, here is an article on the beginning border war over Bush allowing ILLEGAL aliens in the Country as long as they promise to take an Americans job. This is just starting and will be an issue for Americans who want to keep our country Sovereign as opposed to followers of the NWO agenda and the Republicrats. "It's all builiding up to something". Pete Townsend said. "Something that can only be redeemed with fire!"
Four more years? Yeah right. Let's see how he deals with this. Either side with Americans or Mexicans. Bet you he'll side with the Mexicans-El Presidente, Fox Ordered him to.

on Apr 22, 2004
Anyone know what's become of Casey Nethercott. Last I heard he "disappeared" into the Jim Hogg prison system. Also, a rift between Casey and Jack Foote of Ranch Rescue has developed. What is going on?
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