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Published on March 7, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
As regards the monetary transactions which went on immediately before the WTC tragedy, here is an article on the recovery of the hard drive information and what is being done with it.

on Mar 10, 2004
Very interesting. It begs asking what, specific finacial transactions were taking place?
Thanks for the link.
on Mar 11, 2004
Thanks for the reply.

Following the money is a maxim for any type of hidden scam or conspiracy throughout history. Despite Bush saying he is proud of 9/11 and his handling of it, these type of evidentiary issues are being hushed up or denied. It is inevitable that the majority are but followers, grazing on anything fed to them as hay. Some of us know there is much more to 9/11 than is being reported in the 'controlled media' though. There are books and exposes to come with regard to this as with the numerous scams that have gone on since the introduction of Bush to us in the JFK assasination in 1963.

You'll find his Son (not the one in the Denver airport and S&L scandal of the 80's) is staying the course and manifesting as part of the same genre of scam artist. You'll find I have another link to his business dealings in the 1980's which eventually financed his political career. For years to come, we'll be coming to terms with the era of Bush, Jr. from his Governorship of Texas to his stealing of the election in 2000. Apologists for him have really had to work hard to cover for him and the smell is repugnant for all of them.

Tonight, for example, I heard a guy say that if the economy collapses (the industrials have taken a heavy hit the last three days which is notable as we really have none left) it is Kerry's fault for he will benefit by it at the polls. This is silly tripe and goes beyond denial to active enabling of a failed Presidency. These shills should remind themselves they are American first and Republicans afterwards. Only in this light can they begin to see that a Republican who allows ILLEGAL aliens to enter the country IF they promise to take an American's job, is not Republican at all - and hardly American.

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on Mar 11, 2004
Standing above Politics doesn't come natural for these oppertunists, Wahkonta Anathema. I, too, have read the neo-con money trail_The " Put" options on 9-11 are the "transactions" in question.
I have read the links between Geo. Sr, former FBI head_and the assassination by the Republicans of JFK in 1963 and how Watergate implicated clearly, Bush Sr_
Why doesn't America do some investigative reporting into it's own thuggery? I it easier to " keep the public stupid?"
Obviously there are Pay-Offs to keeping a nation stupid_look at how much they get away with_Robber Barrons live-on.
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