Another Whacko Prediction Proves True
Published on March 1, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
In my archive you'll find an article or two on the secret planed creation of a propoganda Television network run by Great Britain and the United States. Rumsfeld, in response to exposure said he had deep-sixed the idea at first, then later admitted it was continuing as planned, in a slip.

Now we have a fully operational network broadcasting Propoganda to 22 nations on our tax dollars and this is but the beginning. If it succeeds, I see further consolidation of media until there will be a propoganda station for every nation on earth. Watch this one grow as it is as severe a 'big brother' action as George Orwell could dream.

click on link and it will take you to several revelatory articles on this on-going factual and documented plan despite the blind eyed decrying of the less well informed to the contrary.

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