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Published on February 23, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events

This is an apparent account of a raid on a Palomas Police station recently. It goes on to ask the Q? "WHO AND WHAT CROSSED THE BORDER WHILE IT WAS UNMANNED? This goes on, in other material, to postulate a suitcase nuke was brought over. It also speculates that this is the reason for subsequent publicized increase in border security pronouncements afterwards Intriguing developments here and we may be on top of cutting-edge news story. [excerpt of relevant portion only for edu purposes]

On the night of Tuesday, February 10, 2004, approximately, 10:30pm, MST, the Palomas Police Station and the military headquarters were attacked and destroyed by unknown assailants. Eight (8) Palomas policemen were shot.

Our source told us that eight (8) helicopters landed just south of the town of Palomas. Each helicopter was carrying approximately ten (10) to twelve (12) armed men. These men were armed with Uzis, AK-47s and M-16s.

The assailants attacked the Palomas Police Department and the Federali Military Headquarters (military police). During the attack, the Palomas police and the Mexican Federal Police ran across the border for protection on the US side in Columbus, NM. The attackers also crossed the border and continued the attack.

The US agents responsible for protecting the border in Columbus, NM, (US Customs, US Border Patrol), abandoned their border posts and ran along with the fleeing Palomas Police and Mexican Federal Police toward Deming, NM, thirty (30) miles to the north. At least one helicopter and several vehicles (which had crossed the border), chased the fleeing agents for several miles; the helicopter(s) and vehicles continued firing upon the fleeing agents.


This would be a perfect setup to smuggle suitcase nukes and/or biological and/or chemical weapons into the US. While the assailants are chasing the running agents and the border is unprotected, a vehicle or two (or more) could have easily slipped over the border and disappeared into the night.

I know I've said that our border here in the desert is unprotected making it easy for smugglers to cross. This is true. But I ask you, would you want to drive a vehicle with a suitcase nuke in it through the rough desert? Or chemical or biological weapons?

Staying to paved roads would be safer and would allow the drivers to move more quickly than would driving through the desert on unpaved roads...or no roads at all.

Whatever was smuggled into the United States that night is more than likely now in place.

on Feb 23, 2004
Another excellent post!
on Feb 23, 2004
suitcase nukes... i might need one of those one day. would be a whole lot easier to rule the world if i had a couple of that.

anyway, just want to say great post!!!
on Feb 23, 2004
Can't you write your own words? That article is a exact clone of one in that site.
on Feb 23, 2004
Wow. That site is full of crap. Moon landing a hoax? Read up at that sites debunks the "facts" of moon landing hoax.
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