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This is a reply I gave to another post which I think is relevant to voters this year. Tell me what your thoughts are.


As an 'Independent' you must know it takes a physical commitment to pulling a different lever in that booth when you are all alone. This is not an easy task for the average human. Very few mortals are able to stand alone in anything they do in thier lives. It takes integrity, honor, self-esteem - things alien to most.

I have always been an independent thinker and go back in memory to my earliest years to find examples of what made me this person. I defied a teacher in front of a jeering class as they all laughed at a poor kid whose State report was done in crayon, while we had our parents do ours, or had magic markers. I listened to a incumbent tell us she was for and against every side of every issue at a school assembly and seemed the only person who saw she was two-faced on all her positions. My life is filled with seeing things as calling for independence and integrity, no matter the social cost to myself. Such traits are not native to 'followers'.

This is why it is of great value to influence a person to know they can vote Republican and still not support a Bush because someone else told them they have to, or it's a wasted vote. It is a first step in a 'fundamental change' process and shows them they too can be 'different' and individual and still live in our society.

I recall voting for Candidates on many issues which the massive majority opposed over the years. I live with my own conscience and, as Lynyrd Skynyrd said in one song's lyrics, "Now Watergate does not bother me, does your conscience bother you?" I am able to cast my vote for the Candidate without concern for his/her 'team' or 'party' even getting one percent of the vote. Hell, I don't even tell people to vote, as it diminishes my vote to do so. The less fools pulling levers, the more my vote counts.

It is with great pride I declare to people I voted for Ross Perot and his crazy, whacko idea of having a 5 cent per-gallon tax on gas as the way to balance our budget 'priniciple'. Then, I was crazy and throwing my vote away. Now, I hold my head up in rooms of Clintonites, who hang theirs in shame under this deficit. Their vote is the problem, mine the solution. I am a majority of one in my discussions on politics and have the principled voting record I can be proud to tell my kids of - and history. It is important.

But if I had not had the integrity to do what was right, without regard to what was polular, I would now be abject and unable to advocate it for all Americans. I never felt more proud of my 'wasted' vote than when I voted for Perot. All americans should learn how valuable this is to feel, and they should be supported by us, the 'independant' voters, who show by our example that to do so will not stigmatize them or be looked down on. It's a private boothe anyway, so go ahead and vote as you REALLY want to; no one will know different.

This is why I advocate it so. Being true to your own beliefs and standing up in that voting booth, behind that curtain, is important and let's tell them to support the 'Billy Jacks' or John Buchanons if it leads them to be the type of voter who can create fundamental change in our dying empire. I used to tell people in my t.v. show (I did my own independent show and it rocked people) in closing that they need to remember, "Fundamental change has nothing to do with supporting a political party or waiting till a majority support an issue. Fundamental change, in YOUR life, is as simple as changing your MIND. Try it and you'll see."

I am a fundamentally changed person, and love telling others how good it feels; that they too can be like me. It's as simple as changing YOUR mind. THAT is what fundamental change is.
on Feb 14, 2004
Excellent article!
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