Pants Down on Purpose?
Published on February 10, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Politics
I'm sitting here listening to Scott McClellan (Press Sec.) tell us he has pay stubs for Bush serving in Service and avoiding issue of whether or not he was present for service in time periods his pay stubs show, and I'm thinking that he knows Bush has pay stubs but was not present. This was an issue in 2000 true enough, but the way it is being treated now shows me a fix is on. He is deliberatley letting himself fall to the heir select, and fellow bonesman, John Kerry, because he is following the M.O. of his father and getting ready to skim off profits from his crimes while in office. There, I said it.
Before you go dismissing me as a conspiracy whacko, recall it was I who told the www that Bush would be President in 2001 BEFORE he was even nominated by his party. I may be called a conspiracy theorist as if it is a term of derision by lesser bloggers, but you must admit I am on the pulse of changes on a consisitent basis due to my exploring sidereal matters that go over the heads of the followers of the 'controlled media' at the time. I smell a RAT. Something is up for this President to be trading in his presidency for no reason at all. He had the highest approval ratings since his dad and out of nowhere they are swan-diving to hand it to Kerry. WHY?

As an independent I am not as influenced by the 'my side' paradigm of the republicrats in general, and able to see that betrayal is a modus operandus of the NWO. If one stops thinking of the party as representing them, actually mis-representing it has honor and integrity,for the purpose of getting the most severe changes of the NWO enacted, then it all begins to make sense. Look at the record. Bush,Sr. who once had the highest approval rating of all time, does a swan dive all of the sudden. I said he let Clinton have the Presidency so he could pass NAFTA and the Uruguay round of the GATT.I went further and said that his son,Bush,Jr. would then be given the presidency. People would riot if a Republican did it. I recall Bush, Sr. last spech in Battle Creek, Michigan in 2000, and he fairly well destroyed Clinton in it. I said to myself WHY didn't he say this stuff in speeches leading up to the election? He was handing the presidency over according to pre-arranged plan! I'm telling you.
The list of betrayals Clinton did to Democrats is incredible to review. Now Bush, Jr. is in and lets ILLEGAL immigrants in. If a Democrat did it, there would be riots. Now he hands it off to Kerry - a fellow bonesman-and there is a reason for it. Trust me on this, something is going down here.
Bush knows of his service record and that it is bogus. Why would he put it front and center? Why would Kerry happen to sieze on it and reveal that Bush was paid for hours he was not present? I'm telling you, a fix is in, and they are playing us again. Watch, a reporter - and watch his credentials when it happens - will now reveal that Bush is lying. I think they will show that he was paid for hours he did not serve and so drive his poll numbers down. They will turn the military vote against Bush and for Kerry, which is Kerry's only weakness, and so manipulate us to vote for Kerry.
What's chilling is not that it will happen, but that they probably set this up in 1972 or 3, fully intending to use it in 2004! Think of such control. It's as clear as Bush Sr.'s knighthood for service to his Empire, England. His being on Board of Driectors of Carlyle Group with the bin Laden family.
I'm out there on this and know it. I feel it in my bones though, and so state it. Watch me now, I have a reputation of making the calls NO ONE sees until later. I'm putting $100.00 on 23 red here and let it ride.
The only alternative is Bush has a second term and Kerry is lying on purpopse to assure he gets it. I don't think so. I think Bush, Jr. is handing off the reigns of power on purpose. Next question: WHY?
on Feb 10, 2004
Wahkonta, and I mean this as a compliment.

You need to be writing books, you could give John Grisham a run for his money.

on Feb 10, 2004
A) How is it GW is handing off the presidency? I didn't catch that.
George Sr didn't seem like he wanted the presidency. I think it is a bit of a stretch to say he handed it over.
C) Linking Bush Sr with Bin Laden, what are you trying to say? I think you are a conspiracy whacko at best.
on Feb 10, 2004
Ahh then you haven't heard about the famous fraternity conspiracy Jill
on Feb 10, 2004
I wonder if there's an official kook handshake.
on Feb 10, 2004
We been had.
on Feb 10, 2004
Wahkonta, your an observing person.i to was watching this farce, I don't have your recorces but I would bet this Scott person will be in the unemployment line soon also.Remember me Wahkonta? I'm the little old fart thats constantly bitching about a viable third party candadate.Can you imagine if, say, Clark, Edwards,Lieberman should run on an america first third party Platform?I would vote for either of them in a hartbeat.And so would millions.Realistacally we know why they don't,don't we? They couldn't get the keys to the political vault.I would like to see the American people say I'm going to vote for that person because he/she makes sense,never mind the dollars. Is there another Harry Truman or Ronald Regan out there?If we don't wake up were on our way to a one party system.Ask Veciente how that works? Keep in touch. Charlie Poore
on Feb 10, 2004
There certainly has been a lot of obfuscation coming out of the White House today (Feb 10th,) hasn't there? There must be something out there worth hiding.

Wakhonta: Try to write in paragraphs! I don't think that I have been able to read any of your most recent postings. Is your return key broken?
on Feb 10, 2004
An extremely interesting article! I'll be watching.
on Feb 11, 2004
Wakhonta, you are spot-on, you ask the questions. I think you're are probably right. I'd say the Yale bonesmen are tighter than we all know, like roots and a tree, a scary tree. One hand washes the other and that. As I have found out there's not much diff between the two parties, really. Special interest groups kiss all.
Maybe Bush has realized he's real bad press.
on Feb 11, 2004
And notice Kerry says - "It's not my issue, I have no questions about it". So Kerry is convieniently free of any mud slinging...

Please lead me to the kool-aid.

on Feb 11, 2004
What i want to know is WHY did John kerry say he supported the Veitnam war and the soilders yet there are plenty of Photos of him protesting the war with Jane ( Hanoi Jane ) Fonda, yet calling soilders as baby killers. Im all for listening to both sides from both partys but lets look at WHY Kerry protested the war and figure out why serious mud slinging is going on.
on Feb 11, 2004
Netstarman, I refer you to an arguement in Prediction: Kerry wins big in New Hampshire

on Feb 11, 2004
Jill Useer: I observe Bush, SR. went from most popular in rating under 'approval' rating to a loss to Clinton. This was a extraordinary achievement for any sitting President. I read that in his 12 years in the Executive branch, he appropriated control of some 500 Billion to his control. Brad may say what the literal figure, and this is a stopping point for such people, as any controlled information follower will never get to the bottom of what motivates men such as Bush to deliberately lose such an office.

I have no problem with being called a conspiracy researcher, as the term once was applied to JFK conspiracy whackos who dared to say JFK was murdered in a conspiracy. In 1963 they were whacko, today over 83% of all Americans believe there was a conspiracy. Granted that I have many scenarios I hypothesize on, but this is the very nature of the intelligence agencies of any government. We constantly ask, "What if...?"

Granted, such speculative reasoning is prone to wrong conclusions and thus we see so many conspiracy theses debunked. I find one can wend one's way through it all by learning to separate the sh-- form the candy. Few intellectual pursuits are as enjoyable or rewarding as conspiracy research. On occassion one finds the pulse of a plot and can develop it enough to be an expose. Some go for the money by honest research, while others use emotional rant of reptoids who sleep with them and tell secrets with the smoke in bed afterwards.

It's as if we are constant novel writers hatching new scenarios and presenting viable options as here. (Capt775 makes this observation)We are idea people and not afraid to think and read outside and inside the lines.

Here I put forth a scenario. It may be true, it may not. By putting it up, it can lead another to make a connection he/she did not think of before reading it. We feed each other's ideas. Part of the hazard of such work is the creation of reptoids smoking in bed, but some also leads to a address book of a witness who has a friend named 'Poppy' Bush, when he suppossedly shot himself in the back of the head with a full-length shotgun, the day he was to give testimony on the JFk assassination. New connections are made which no one researcher had a complete picture of. Eventually we get to a workable thesis which shows its' acceptance or rejection by the critical review of peers and other authorities.

For example I once read Webster Tarpleys book on Bush and took a minute to send my observations on Don Arronow, whose book mentioning Bush,Sr. was removed from public sale until after his election in 1988. We ask, WHY? and get a copy (in my town, the public library copy was dog-eared from mafia-types reading it to make sure their name was not in it). Once we read it it adds to the overall picture of who Bush, Sr. is and if nothing else we learn of his propensity for fast cigar boats. We also learned of his sale to the coast guard of a fleet of such boats made by his friend, which were defective and caused the engine to become a shrapnel bomb once it topped 50M.P.H. Hmmm. We learn he was the first to ever buy boats from a private maker such as Aronow. We see his gulf coast oil rigs, purchase of such boats, locations of drug drops and dates, those dates and Arronows brother dying in Central America for drug debts, calls to the white house and Bush. Eventually a new and clearer picture of Bush, Sr. develops that becomes workable. All from one e-mail on a obscure book, looked up after reading a blip in the news. All because we ask the question. Why?

One more for you: The relationship with Bush, Sr and Jr. and the bin Laden family is extensive and well-known. A Salem bin Ladin[sic depending on American or Saudi spelling] was actually killed in a plane crash (one of them again) in Texas after meeting with his oil investment Company officer, Bush. Fact, go check news records for spring 1982[?]. Bin Laden's were meeting with Bush, Sr. on 9/11 and were secretly flown out of country on government jets to escape embarassment, and avoid them being lynched in the aftermath (How Bush knew it was Usama when it happened, I leave for you to decide). Any questions on it beyond this I must advise you to go research it as there is alot on it.

JamieBurnside: I am trying to double space now and hope this works so thanks for the advice and hope you'll return.

E.Macy: Thank you. Some see me as a Democrat if I oppose anything Bush does, but glad you can see I am neither Republicrat nor Republicrat.

Bush is vulnerable to the truth on about any issue and could lose to 'logic' were it run against him. He may well just be inept and unable to run a re-election campaign, or is too out of touch with America to realize the issues we want addressed. He may also have a few billion he's socking away and can't get at it if he is in the Presidency another 4 years. I tend to think Bush, Sr. did this. All his Knighthood and other awards from the private sector were a good trade-off for his surrendering the quarter million+ fringes, a President gets.

I just think something is in the works for Kerry to come out of nowhere and all of a sudden be a leader making money on matching funds. Two months ago he had his half of one of his homes mortgaged. Now he's flush and a front-runner. Hmmm. Again, Why? How? Just innocent questions and let's see what shows up. Skull& Bones is just the beginning of it. We got things on his control of letters from Libya he hid for over 10 years and now magically show up with money flowing to Libya and debt write-offs. Why? see? it's easy. When you find anomalous behavior and events, just ask, why? and think, instead of dis-connecting and letting Dan and Pete tell you after this station break at 6:30.

Brad: I'll spare you the trolling ckick for now. I appreciate any reply however it may disaagree. But you know this already and thanks for the reply.

Charles Poore: very insightful comment and I hope others will get to ready your blogs as it is helpful.

WiseFawn: thanks

Poet philosopher: Thanks for the reply. I recommend your blog as well.

For the rest I thank you for your replies. Glad it got overall thoughtful replies and hope it makes us think and ask, "WHY?" rather than let our reality be fed to us through the cathode ray nipple. Got to go feed dogs now ( I hate dogs but what can I do, My family loves them)so till then, Blog ON.

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