2 of last 3 Presidents in Club
Published on January 26, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In History

This is a significant issue for Americans to be aware of, and more than coincidence. This Skull& Bones Fraternity of Yale is one having a long and insidious history. My own research into the origins of the Revolutionary War of 1776 eventually leads to this group, first formed in 1832 (officially) and which has had some of the most infamous political leaders in this Nations history. President Taft was a founding member, and we now know Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, and George Bush are members of this group.

Now we also have a guarantee that the next President is going to be a member of this group as the 'controlled media' has begun to do its traditional work and dis-credit any Candidate save the one they have been told is going to be the Candidiate for the Democrats. You see, Senator John Kerry is also a member of this group,except he won't discuss it because he can't betray the trust of his fellow Bonesman President Bush, his words not mine. This group's predecessors were involved in the coup of 1787 at Philadelphia, which ended our Confederacy and - by secretive meeting - created the present form of Government. Yes, I can also challenge the validity of this present form of government as inferior to the one we already had in 1786, and do.

The group boasts that they have the skull of a famous Native American as symbol, having grave-robbed it and acid burned the remains from it. There is no study of piracy and the war of 1812 which will not lead one to the study of this group. Eventually, the review will lead one to Operation Paperclip and the smuggling of Nazis into tht U.S.A., the founding of the O.S.S., which later became the C.I.A., and in recent times, one will find a direct linkage between members of this cabal and the massive drug smuggling and the foreign policy of the last twenty years.

I will save my fire for those who want to take the bait and say no such organization exists, or defend the group as this or that. Please feel free to go and study the group and then offer your comments on the topic, as it is relevant to this Presidential election. Or you can just shoot from the hip and bet I won't put up substantial information to prove my claims here.

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on Jan 26, 2004
I have been an Occultist since I was 14. I am almost 39 now. It is amazing because if you get hooked up in the skull and bones you will be rich, of course you gotta be rich to go to Yale anyways ~chuckles~ but you may even become president like the Bush family. Pretty arrogant to name your child "George Washington Bush" knowing full well he would be the president someday.

Whether you believe or not, there is a powerful magical battle going on in our universe. There are various factions of sorcerers in the world with the skull and bones being one producer of them. Like the Masons they preach Christianian values of love but deep within is a darkness and power so real most people would deficate themselves if they understood the ramifications. I can't even name all of the people in these organizations because the list of powerful and rich elite that have gone there is astounding. I was a member of the black lodge and know the secrets within. There are many of us who battle these forces continuously at the risk of our very lives. What really sickened me is all the rich christians that practically worshipped Bush and thought he would bring the new world order. If christians understood what the "New World Order" entailed they would realize that it is the very Satan they fear at work (for lack of a better word for evil). The Bible (one of many relgions) says "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven." Doesn't matter whether you are a rich Christian or not, if you are rich chances are you will burn in your mythos hell.

My clan will be casting magics tonite in the eternal battle between two things that must exist for our universe to stay intact. If Negative(evil) or Positive (good) ever disappear the fabric of the universe will rip apart as if being sucked into a black hole. We will strive to maintain a balance over both good and evil, but we are losing to the dark. They are far too numerous and most of them are the living dead and have not had the awakening that allows one to understand. At least if you are from a loving religion your GOD will come down and kill us all and save you ~grins~.

on Jan 26, 2004
Thanks for the comment. OccultPizza can always be counted upon to add to the most obscure knowledge, and in a mature style as well. Tonight there will be a radio show called 'coasttocoastam' doing a show with Kris Millegan on this cult. It starts at 11:00p.m EST and is a radio show heard round the world, so anyone who can read this may well be able to pick it up somewhere on the AM dial. the web site to turn to for it is: http://www.coasttocoastam.com. They have simulcast and archive shows there as well.
This group is intertwined in American history in ways that will rock the listeners. I could not escape them in my sriting of a text on the American Revolution. They were so ever-present I considered titling the work, "The Essex Junto, et al." But more on that another time. Blog ON.
on Mar 11, 2004
There's a fascinating page on Bush, Kerry and Skyll and Bones at http://www.survivalistskills.com/bushkery.htm. Very interesting reading!
on Mar 11, 2004
The President's middle name is Walker.

Belief that the Skull and Bones group has any special hold over society or global affairs should really qualify as a mental illness.
on Mar 11, 2004
You should see the list of members who are in this Presidents cabinet and acting as advisors. Believe me it is more than coincidence or attributable to chance. You just have to read on them. I find the history of this group is tied into the 'Essex Junto" and the entire 'Federalist' party that helped form this nation. As a rap star once told the youth of his people, "YOU MUST LEARN!"

Oh yeah, and his fathers name includes "Walker". Go check it out for yourself and then tell us what you've learned. You may find the statement, "What's that got to do with the price of tea in China" finds a whole new relevance in studying this group.
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