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Published on January 5, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
Oh,yeah, I forgot to mention : "WATCH OUT FOR THAT VOLCANO!" I'm sure this is just another whacko conspiracy theory so don't pay attention to it at all. I'm just going to get my laundry together here and take some food and pack it all up and drive on over to the laundromat in Maine for a minute. No, don't get up, you can stay and see if Dan Rather, or that Canadian feller y'all like to listen to, says anything about an eye on America for you.
-Caveat Lector-
December 2003, The Idaho Observer:

Scientists closely monitoring Yellowstone Recent eruptions -- 200 degree ground temperatures, bulging magma and 84 degree water temperatures prompt heightened srutiny of park's geothermal activity

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Yellowstone National Park happens to be on top of one of the largest âsuper volcanoesâ in the world. Geologists claim the Yellowstone Park area has been on a regular eruption cycle of 600,000 years. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago making the next one long overdue. This next eruption could be 2,500 times the size of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption.

Volcanologists have been tracking the movement of magma under the park and have calculated that, in parts of Yellowstone, the ground has risen over seventy centimeters this century.

In July, 2003, Yellowstone Park rangers closed the entire Norris Geyser Basin because of deformation of the land and excessive high ground temperatures. There is an area that is 28 miles long by 7 miles wide that has bulged upward over five inches since 1996, and this year the ground temperature on that bulge has reached over 200 degrees (measured one inch below ground level). There was no choice but to close off the entire area.

Everything in this area is dying: The trees, flowers, grass and shrubs. A dead zone is developing and spreading outward. The animals are literally migrating out of the park. Then during the last part of July one of the Park geologists discovered a huge bulge at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake. The bulge has already risen over 100 feet from the bottom of the lake and the water temperature at the surface of the bulge has reached 88 degrees and is still rising. Keep in mind that Yellowstone Lake is a high mountain lake with very cold water temperatures.

The Lake is now closed to the public. It is filled with dead fish floating everywhere. The same is true of the Yellowstone river and most of the other streams in the Park. Dead and dying fish are filling the water everywhere.

Many of the picnic areas in the Park have been closed and people visiting the Park usually stay but a few hours before leaving since the stench of sulfur is so strong they literally can't stand the smell.

The irony of all this is the silence by the news media and our government. Very little information is available from Yellowstone personnel or publications. What mainstream newsstories do appear underscore the likelihood of a massive volcanic eruption. Though geologists publicly admit Yellowstone is âoverdue,â they have been quoted as stating another massive magma release may not occur for 100,000 or 2 million years.

Others close to the story are convinced that a massive eruption is imminent. A source that has demonstrated first-hand knowledge of the park's history and recent geothermal events stated the following: âThe American people are not being told that the explosion of this 'super volcano' could happen at any moment.

"When Yellowstone does blow, some geologists predict that every living thing within six hundred miles is likely to die. The movement of magma has been detected just three-tenths of a mile below the bulging surface of the ground in Yellowstone raising concerns that this super volcano may erupt soon.â

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on Jan 05, 2004
Who cares if they arent tellin anyone. If it DOES errupt, it'll wreck our world and there's nothign we could do to prepare for it other than dig tunnels. That's no way to live.
on Jan 05, 2004
That's the spirit that made this Country great. I guess they'll find out soon enough anyway. I once sat and saw the local weather man tell us the weather was fine as I leaned out my window and felt air being drawn from inside out. I called and told him he'd better look out his window at clashing fronts. He laughed it off saying the 'radar' showed all was well. An hour later there was a tornado and he spent the night telling everyone how 'unusual' the event was for our area. I don't want people buying up all the duct tape anyway, or I'll never finish fixing the plumbing for yet another year, or two. What the hey, you're right.Wow, we just got blessed by Joeuser with a new message format. Thanks Joe, he's not just a regular Joe, this guy. Think I'll leave this as is to mark my first encounter with it. Thanks Joe (I look up when I say that, cause I think maybe...)
on Jan 05, 2004
I'd recommend to you the book, "* A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. He did some research into Yellowstone, and although his stats from the park geologists and vulcanologists differ somewhat, they do address the fact that the volcano is due to erupt according to its history. They also mention the events that have taken place, as well as the fact that 50% of the world's hot springs and geysers are located in Yellowstone. The volcano is so huge, it has blown away a mountain range that crossed its path, and also has deposited 9 inches of ash on San Diego. But that was so far in the past that it doesn't cross the mind of a politician. Also addressed has been the reason why people take the matter so casually. What was suggested is that if it were to blow, then the people in the area, as well as the surrounding states that border the volcano, might as well light up their last cigarette or pipe and tell their families how much they meant to them. Also, the volcano is never on time. It supposedly erupts on an average of 40,000 years, but it has been early, and late, and being late could mean that the next 20 generations could never see anything save a few tremors and some warmed water, and perhaps the smell of sulfur in the air. There is no precise science in predicting these things, so the park rangers could hardly put the entire area on a state of alert, when a volcano of that magnitude could well take thousands of more years to simply charge itself back up. It may never blast the earth again, and then again, tomorrow I could be scooping ash off of my porch in the former Sunny San Diego, and wishing I was more proactive. What can one do? I say don't visit the park if you are scared (grins). Here's to the end of humanity!
on Jan 26, 2004
I am with you Poi Dog. We have the same book by Bill Bryson. I believe it could blow at any time. I don't think I could dwell on that any more than the fact that I could get struck by lightening, have a stroke, get hit by a car, etc. You just can't live in fear of things you can't control. There is no way anyone can do a darn thing about that volcano.

Does your Dr tell you every time you see him that you could possibly have a stroke at any time no matter what your age, BP or any other gauge tells you? Mine doesn't but I know it to be true. All that can be done, as with the volcano, is to study the subject matter as much as possible, hope to find answers, and deal with what happens when/if it happens. Here's hoping for the best!
on Jan 26, 2004
Glad you are keeping this in the active column. It does show how the 'controlled-media' presents issues of value. I think word of a bubble over 100 ft high is newsworthy. Were it in D.C. they'd be reporting it. Say it goes and a couple million people die from lack of information. I don't hold them accountable as they can report as they wish, but it is wierd how a volcano can be killing off the vegetation from noxious gases released, the park closed or sectioned, and the media has nothing to report on it.
This is a reason I list my subjects as 'conspiracy-history-news'. Without the eclectics of Society putting up hidden and ignored news, things would be easier for the controllers of information. The term 'conspiracy' researcher has become much less stigmatized in recent years, due to the exoneration of history and discovery of suppressed facts and documentation. JFK's assassination was once considered a 'conspiracy' theory and whacko. Now over 80% of Americans, and even the House Committee that investigated it, believe the facts support the 'whackos'. I have a tribe of my people out there and hope it doesn't go as they are not going to leave. I consider it a worthy effort to put up information though and let people choose to believe as they wish once the facts are presented.
Thanks for the comments and blog on.
on Jan 29, 2004
Have any of you people actually BEEN to the park? Or are you just buying in to all of this because it makes you feel better about your anti-everything mindset? I'm all for exposing lies and conspiracies, but let's at least pick ones where we have some real data, and ones that we don't have to lie about in order to get people to pay attention. Here are some examples of the lies and exaggerations in the article: The author suggests that an area 28 miles by 7 miles was closed. That's about 196 square miles. The actual area closed was 5800 feet (that's a little over one mile) of trails, which service about one square mile of terrain. That's an exaggeration of 19,600% Most of the 5800 feet was opened up again within a few months, and remains open now. About 1000 feet remain closed. That's about three football fields long. You can go there today and walk around all you want, but I doubt anyone will actually do any REAL research since most prefer to read crap like this on the Internet. The article implies that the entire basin had warm ground temperatures, but the area affected was only 500 by 300 meters. The "bulge" in the lake was discovered four years ago, which is hardly "recently." It was NOT discovered by a park geologist, either. She was a researcher from the United States Geological Survey. A subtle difference, perhaps, but another example of the sloppiness of the author of this article. It was the first time the lake had been surveyed, so no one knows if the bulge is new or possibly hundreds of thousands of years old. Since it was discovered in 1999, it hasn't grown or shifted more than is normal for terrain in this area. All of the unusual events that have occured in 2003 occur every single year. The only thing different this time is that they came a little early and were a little more intense. This is called the "annual disturbance" by those of us who actually live near the park. It's a major mind-blowing event, signalling the end of the world and a major government conspiracy to those of you who have never even been here. And the flora and fauna that's supposedly dying "all over the place"? That was a small section, aabout four METERS across, that was near a steam vent. They move around all the time, and come and go with the seasons. I find it interesting to hear about animals migrating out of the park, because I see them all the time. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place? If rising magma was really the cause of increased temperatures (something that happens every year), then we would be seeing lots of earthquakes, which have NOT been more than normal. This article builds upon some basic truths but constructs a conspiracy using lies and exaggerations that make me want to disbelieve anything the author says. That's too bad, because maybe he has some points to consider. By using falsehoods to advance your argument, you alienate the people who might listen to you. Next time do some personal research, and ignore the crap you see on the Internet. The only guarantee that you have is that it will be exaggerated nonsense just like we see in the mainstream media. Don't be part of the problem, be part of the REVOLUTION! Tell the truth, and pick your battles.
on Jan 29, 2004
I put it up as a example of news not presented by 'controlled-media'. In no way does it enter into a definition of 'conspiracy' as conspiracy means,"a combination of people, working in secret, for an evil or unlawful purpose." I would not hold forth that the volcano has a conspiracy against anyone, nor that anyone is seeking to conspire with the volcano.
As to your reply, I consider it illuminating news and thank you very much. You have answered the article in a way that challenges its veracity with personal observations. That is of value to me and it should be read as a alternative to the one put forth, as this is definitley making the rounds of the unusual news events. I will consider posting it to one site in particular and let them know there is a possibility it is a concoction for some other purpose, though what that may be I do not yet know. It seems I'll need to go find yet a third perspective, so we can fish this out properly. I thank you for your reply and note it.
When I'l put up more on this I do not know as I am onto some other events and never took this seriously, just some news sitting out there which had no notice by media at-large.
on Feb 02, 2004
Actually I was recently at the park and it was great. True a lot ot the Noris Gyser basin was closed off and much of fising in the park was prohibited (almost all of the fire hole). Still the Yellowstone park is a volcanic caldera (not sure of the spelling) the park rangers were talking about how over due the park was for a major eruption. Scientific American, Issues in Science and Technology have some great articles on the caldera and are worth the read. The unfortunate thing about it is that if it repeats its last explosion it will be a world wide event. Not just america but the whole globe will have to deal with it. But keep in mind in geologic time scales 40,000 years is a blink of an eye.

For some great information on the activity in Yellowstone go to the USGS Yellowstone Volcano Observaratory at

I dont beleive you will be disapointed
on Feb 02, 2004
I suspect when Yellowstone blows, if it truly blows, a large percentage of the population of North America will die. It's a super volcano.
on Feb 02, 2004
New World Mozart: Thank you for the link. I will check it because the reply by 'Conspiracy Buff' puts it in some question. He says he lives near to it and does not observe the conditions as alarming. I would put faith in the observations of a resident who knows the nuances of nature there before the magazines, and he begs to differ. So I'll check it out and maybe have to put up another post on my findings for benefit of repliers if no one else.
Brad: True what you say. We'll all die from lack of heat and food no matter where we are. I suspect the world will be populated by militia/survivalists more than any other group, a chilling alternative to death.
on Feb 02, 2004
I lived in Bozeman MT for seven years, it's just an hour plus north of the park. We would go for long weekends oftern and there was regularly news about new developments in the park regarding changes in the ecostructure; geysers dying or moving or new ones being born, new mounds forming, etc. Whether it will bloow the big one onetime relevent to any of us, who knows, but it is alive and kicking.
on Mar 10, 2004
I want to bring this up to date. Conspiracy Buff said there was nothing to this story, but it has not gone away.

It was topic of conversation on natinal radio today and has also made some headlines for a couple of reasons. first there have been almost three hundred Elk die recently for mysterious reasons. The great majority are female and young in the low land area, the males having gone to higher ground. Whether due to gas, or other reason is not known to me yet.
Second, there is now a large emergency drill to be conducted in the area for natural disater on March 21. At this point there has to be something going on for such actions to be occuring.

If this also relates to the earthquake which occured in Wyoming near a ranch owned by Vice President Richard Cheney will be interesting to find out. What is so wierd about the quake in Wyoming, is the fact it was recorded as far away as France, yet is now being denied by local monitors. The quake measured 5.3 on the Richter scale, and a second one occurred in the 3.0+ range as an aftershock.

My archive has a great deal of information which comes relevant in its time. I am going to re-post some information on Diebold voting computers which I put up before the primary season began. This is going to continue to grow as election time nears, Kerry having said he'll appoint a legal team to prepare for it this November.

Anyone having more information on this Yellowstone story please feel free to advise what you are observing there for us. Thanks.
on Mar 11, 2004
Comprehensive Q&A with the USGS folks at Yellowstone. They don't seem to concur. Interview With USGS Yellowstone Scientists

Conspiracy to hide the truth? I think people more often want to be the one who warned everyone, so they tend to warn people a lot.
on Mar 11, 2004
BakerStreet: Thanks for the reply and link. It is becoming an enigma for me why there is so much dispute over the state of Yellowstone.
I'm reading your link as a guy on radio is talking about the elk deaths. He goes further and is talking about use of nerve gas on them. Truly baffling the opposite observations of the same area and events.

I will be looking for the emergency drills to be done there on 3-21. I mean it could be a whacko theory akin to the coming of Jesus in a bus, so buy your bottled water here, but it makes no money for anyone as far as I can tell. So why is this story persisting?

Just call me when it blows up I guess.
on Mar 23, 2004
To get to the bottom of this, The emergency drills were done the Nationover on 3-21, so this is no indicator of the immediacy of the area. Here is a link to an article that purports to explain the elk die off going on there now.

Others such as Michael Scallion and another are still calling for an eruption by September of this year. Will keep advised as I get to the bottom of this or we all go by-by.
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