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Published on March 21, 2004 By Wahkonta Anathema In Current Events
This is an excerpt of a artiocle on missing welfare recipients in British Columbia. I won't hide my shock to learn the subject has been being discussed some time and we in America know nothing about it. Will someone in the area please provide some links or relevant infoprmation on this matter so I can resolve it's veracity? If thousznds of welfare recipients are being murdered as a cost cutting measure endorsed by government, we have a new Stalin/Hitler on our planet and need to address it fortwith.
Thanks for any help in this matter. E-mail: if you choose.
"Most of the women whose remains were found at the Port Coquitlam pig farm
were "welfare leavers" and missing persons. Many years passed before they
were found ... murdered. Media reports keep asking how many more missing
women there are, other than those whose bodies have been located to date.
When you add up the number of reported and unreported missing women, the
answer is: THOUSANDS. At
we read about
two exit surveys of "welfare leavers" from MHR. These are only samples
from the total population, but the two samples alone tell us that some 2/3
(over 5,000) are UNACCOUNTED FOR. They are missing persons and more
importantly, unreported missing persons who are even more vulnerable
because they are not on police files. Could you at least report them to
police as missing persons? To say that the problem of locating subjects is
typical of such studies in such a population may be correct but it does
nobody any good.

For many years the missing women of the pig farm case were suspected of
being the victims of foul play. Earlier intervention would have saved
lives from what appears to be the most horrific and prolific serial
murderer in Canadian history. But is this only the proverbial tip of the
iceberg? We must reasonably suspect as much because of the infiltration of
organized crime into government. Is that one underlying reason for the
unprecedented police raid on the BC Government Cabinet offices a few
months ago? RCMP Sgt. John Ward said then: "Organized crime is a cancer
eating away at the social and moral fabric of British Columbia". Organized
crime racketeers in BC murder people and the known record of murders is in
media reports. But how many murders are committed and unknown to media?
Unreported missing persons can in theory be murdered with impunity. As
long as no body is found, no authorities will ever investigate.

People get reported to police as missing persons largely because of the
concerns of family, friends and employers. The MHR welfare leavers in the
2/3 unaccounted for have weak social ties or no social ties. If J Doe
suddenly leaves Cockroach Hotel in V6A, the hotel owner is not going to
report a missing person. Also there are no family and friends who will do
so. How do we know that J Doe hasn't been taken on a fast boat several
miles out to sea and disposed of, body never to be found? J Doe will never
appear in ANY statistics, even those for missing persons, because J Doe
has not been reported missing.

Why would organized crime be involved in serial murder? One reasonably
suspected motive is that J Doe could cost the BC Government several
hundred thousand dollars alive but only a few thousand dollars as a
one-time payout to organized crime for a murder. This government has used
unprecedented procedures over the past two years to threaten the lives of
its clientelle as the second URL below summarizes with a complaint form.
POC is following UNHCHR procedures and exhausting domestic remedies before
filing but we already have the complainants ready to sign the forms.

It may not be as explicit as Premier Campbell ordering the murder of
the costly "useless eaters" of society. It may be a matter of people with
organized crime connections (the kind of people who concerned police when
the raid on the Legislature was conducted a few months ago) overhearing
such concerns of the BC Cabinet about the cost of keeping these unwanted
people onboard. The criminals then "spontaneously" decide to murder the
useless eaters of MHR as a service to their political friends. But this is
all highly speculative until a human resources audit is done. And POC has
no other "particulars" to report."

on Mar 21, 2004
Here ya go
on Mar 21, 2004
on Mar 21, 2004
Thank you very much for the info. It sends chills up my spine to read it. I will be reading and printing the whole series out tomorrow. It is as if a vampire is on the loose and this is a horror story to read. How this has been going on and we in America are largely ignorant of it, is an example of how what is right in front of us is often what we don't see, and in the information age much can go unnoticed if one does not look outside the 'controlled-media'.

If anyone else from the area has more I will be thankful to read on it. A true horror story.
on Mar 22, 2004
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